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Who We Are

The Partners Cultural Center is a Jordanian company with foreign partners on its Board of Directors. Its unique management style and focus on excellent quality make it the premier training center in Amman. Prices are competitive, and its clients are drawn from all over the Amman area.

The Partners Center trains its clients for the future by equipping them with English language skills. Our goal is to improve the abilities of our clients with this important world language and thereby give them the greatest opportunity for success in their lives. When a client succeeds in a new job or educational opportunity as a result of the training they have received in our center, we feel we have achieved our goal.

Our administration only hires highly qualified teachers, all of them native speakers of English. Through our maintaining very high teacher hiring standards, our students are served in the best possible way.

The Partners Center offers clean facilities that are modern and comfortable. Our technology is state-of-the-art and user-friendly. Our curriculum is up to date and highly rated. All of these distinctions have given us a long list of clients in the government and business sector as well as a very large private clientele.

We invite you to come and experience the difference.